The Team

In 2012, North Davis Composite (then listed as North Davis Area Composite) was one of the original 30 teams comprising the first year of the Utah High School Cycling League. At the time there were only 6 racers. In their first year, NDC took 6th place out of 25 teams among the non-D1 teams.

NDC, 2016, Powder Mountain

Through the next ten years the team experienced steady growth adding in more high schools and more racers. In 2014, the league started JR Devo racing which allowed for Jr. High students to join high school mountain biking teams including NDC.

At some point, a desert tarantula was found on a team ride and nicknamed Maren after the head coach. Maren went on to become the team mascot and still appears on the team uniforms as the bike-parts conglomerate spider.

Maren, the Tarantula

In 2022, the league separated Layton High School from NDC in scoring because of the large amount of Layton riders. Although separated in race results, Layton and NDC still practice together and the two teams remain under the same leadership. Together, there are over 100 student racers and over 30 coaches and ride leaders for the 2023 race season.

2022 Coaches and Ride Leaders

Currently, the schools that belong to NDC are Clearfield High School, NUAMES Davis, Northridge High School, Syracuse High School, and all Jr. High Schools that feed into the prior high schools.