For those of you who don’t know me I am one of the owners of Burt Brothers Tire.  We recently built a store in Layton and I am excited to be up in our neighborhood.  I love to support our local schools and programs.  I am proud that we were able to help our awesome team the past couple of years.  I love being with the other coaches and riders and this season was so much fun to see our kids be so successful.

I have talked to some of the Coaches and gotten the ok to share this opportunity to grow our support of the North Davis Comp team.  Obviously we are able to support our local teams and programs because we have great customers.   The more each program can support us we then can in turn support them even more.  We have a program that when any of you or your friends go into a Burt Brothers location for any service we give a portion of the purchase back to that team.  You give the service person our North Davis Code so we can track your purchase.  Code is F-NDCMBT.  We then run reports and can give that money back to our team when the Coaches would like it.  

I understand it is our job to take care of you all and earn your business but I am quite confident that we can.  If any of you have questions or concerns about this please reach out to me personally.  I have hesitated to share this as I do not want to come across as pushy in any means but I see the great need we have for more sponsorship money and I want to do more.  

If any of you have been supporting us already (Thanks!) Please let me know and I can go in and apply those purchases to the team!!  

Again the code is  F-NDCMBT.  Save that code and give it to my team when you go into one of our stores and the rest is history.  Part of your purchase goes back to our team!!

Thanks – Brandon Burt 801-706-8191

  1. Sign into your Smith’s Account
  2. Click on “Account”
  3. Click on “My Account”
  4. Scroll down Click on “Inspiring Donations”
  5. Search “DH818” or under Athletics search “North Davis Composite”
  6. Click “Enroll”